Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Second Street Date Announcement

Wraxtiorre: What am I doing here again? I thought I was done with this stuff.  What happened to my fancy new hairdo?  I look like Hal Holbrook now.
TWM: I'm not sure. Didn't you already announce the Street Date for your Truth Article?
Wraxtiorre: Yes, I did! So, don't bother me. I have work to do.
TWM: But that Street Date has already passed!
Wraxtiorre: Then why are you still pestering me?
TWM: Maybe we're stuck in a Time-Loop, doomed to repeat the same cycle of events repeatedly for eternity.
Wraxtiorre: Wouldn't that suck?
TWM: Then again, maybe time itself is normal, and we are the ones who are suffering from an aberrated existence.
Wraxtiorre: Sucks to be you, then.
TWM: But if time is normal, then there must be a second Street Date to announce. After all, you did say last time that only Parts One through Six of your article would be published on Thanksgiving Day, and the rest would be published in December. So, what day in December is the Street Date for the rest of your article?
Wraxtiorre: I'm not gonna tell. Go away!
TWM: Come on, spit it out! You know that there are Dostoevsky fans out there who are looking forward to your portrayal of the analysis that you spelled out in Parts One and Three!
Wraxtiorre: I'm not saying NUTHIN'!
TWM: But you will also disappoint the Monty Python fans who can recite The Holy Grail from beginning to end!
Wraxtiorre: . . .
TWM: What about the Bible-thumpers who look forward to raking you over the coals for your disrespectful tone towards Christianity?
Wraxtiorre: Are you still here?
TWM: Least of all, the actual philosophers and students who will be blind-sided by the baffling questions they are bombarded with after under-educated fans read it when it gets posted.
Wraxtiorre: I don't care! I'll be offline and eating Pancakes with Chocolate Chips and Marshmallows that day.
TWM: But what about your fans? They're waiting to see what happens to Saint Sixedog!


This article appears in my new book, Appearing to Study Particle Physics, which is currently available at Lulu.com in hardback and paperback!