Sunday, January 10, 2010

Here is a so-far sketch of the Cover Art for the book.  Stacy is drawing it for me, but the full concept is a bit disturbing to her, so she is having trouble drawing it.  However, I just wanted to share the Dove that she has drawn for it--before we mangle it--because it is such a beautiful Dove.  The manuscript is nearly finished, so possibly after this weekend, I could be entirely ready to publish it!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Now, the surprising announcement about the up-and-coming publication of my book begins here!  Yes, I haven't been all that secretive about this project among those close to me, but most of you haven't been close to me recently--sorry about that.  This book I am going to publish soon will be a collection of short stories, poems, a novella, and random jottings over the past thirty or so years.  I will be brief about it now, but I just wanted to get the announcement out there as quick in the New Year as possible.  The book will be called Mangled Doves, and I will make sure that it is available at Amazon so that all of you can encourage your friends, family and coworkers to buy a copy when it comes out. (Yes, more shameless grandstanding.  Sorry, but it kinda has to be done by somebody.)  All that remains is to compile the Table of Contents, and select the cover art.  Does anybody know where I can find a copyright-free picture that that sixties-iconic Peace-Dove?  Otherwise, I might just have to find Sluggo and go to the beach to get a few green-filtered photos of drawings in the sand.