Friday, November 25, 2016

Fake News makes faking Fake News easier

    In fake news today, the fake news media faked the news.  That may not be quite so easy to say, coming from a fake news source.  I mean, how could a fake news source make faking the fake news easy? Wouldn't pretending to produce fake news result in real news?  Or would it result in a parody of fake news, even faker than what we are accustomed to now--a fake farce, as it were?  A farce of fake news, produced by fake news media outlets trying to fake the fakeness of their own fake news--as if they were trying to out-FOX themselves.

    Beyond the jokes, let's be honest here for a moment, and try to make real news the news for a moment.  News produced with any intent of conforming to any notion of narrative is an act of propaganda. Also, any effort to produce anything but real news is also an act of propaganda, even when it is accidentally produced or results from ignorance.  Yes, I said that.  The act of journalism is a very narrowly constrained and objective reporting style which is corrupted by any attempt to mesh opinion or interpretation into its reportage.  Subjectivity of any type, even at the word level, should be kept separate from the reportage--it's the reason there's always been an Editorial Section in newspapers.

    Journalists are allowed to express their opinions, just not in the same part of the paper where there reporting is being done.  It's not that problematic a notion.  It's the same thing as separation of Church and State--an idea that we all claim to pay lip-service to, but cannot fathom allowing to actually occur.  But it's the law!  We must keep our religious convictions out of our lawmaking.  It's also the same thing as keeping personal preferences out of the workplace.  Employers are all-too-eager to tell their employees not to put their personal choices into communications when they are working, and that eventually spills over into all actions taken by employees when they are working.  Every time you hear expressions which result in the assessment that employees represent their employers in their personal lives, you are being told that people are nothing more than their jobs.  You wouldn't want to know that your 401K portfolio was being managed by a punk rock fan who enjoys The Dead Kennedys as much as he does The Clash, would you?  Or a country bumpkin who likes Dixie Chicks as much as he likes Dolly Parton?  But, you might have noticed that I am favoring the male pronoun at the expense of the female portion of my reading market.  Sorry, it's because I'm a guy who cannot be permitted to represent the female portion of my audience because I would probably misrepresent them--Guys are inherently wrong. So, it is better to remain silent in order to prevent rampant offenses at the mere utterance of any off-color suggestion, right?  Amirite?  After all, it's the same thing as employees being told to do nothing more than represent their employers when they are acting as spokespersons for the company.

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