Tuesday, April 6, 2010

 For those of you who have been waiting for my book to be sold at a reliable and trustworthy retailer, that day has come.  As I finally surmised, Lulu.com is a competent publisher with a full range of publishing services, products, supports, and even a large writer's community.  But for the individual customer who is buying only one book, it is the wrong place to shop.  If you visit Lulu.com as a paying customer, you will get reliable service when you are making a large purchase.  So I recommend that you visit Lulu.com if you are preparing to stock up a bookstore with several copies of a book, or are planning on blanketing a city by donating a copy to every library in that city.  However, for those of you who are looking to buy one copy, you can now find Mangled Doves at the largest and most reliable retailer on the internet.  For those of you who wish to know what is inside this anthology before buying it, I have started a discussion group at Google Groups (Mangled-Doves-Fans) which anybody can join, and you are welcome to sign up to follow this blog--I will continue to discuss Mangled Doves as well as current and future writing projects in both places as well.  
Mangled Doves at Amazon.com!