Monday, May 14, 2012

The Actual Conspiracy Theorist Rant, Part One

This is for all conspiracy theorists. I'm not sure how everyone's going to take this or how many of you know (I don't really hear much talk about it) and I'm not sure how in-depth I want to go on a wall post about it, but either way... Keep an open mind. You might react to this the same way people react to you when you talk to them about conspiracies...

It was all a setup. The plan was/is to get people to revolt so that they can impose a police state, or a "new world order". I'll attempt to explain (if I confuse you or if you have something to say go ahead & say it, I'm not the best at explaining things so... my bad).

Why do you think so much information started “leaking” out? You think it was whistle blowers and whoever, but in reality it was purposely put out there. Or “let” out. There have been people speaking against the system for a really long time. All of a sudden (after 9/11) all this stuff (some of it which had been suppressed for many years) starts coming out?? As “conspiracy theorists” most of us fail to realize or to look into certain things. One of the things we tend to overlook is how much control the PTB's really have. And it's right in front of our faces. How many times have we heard that all major/mainstream media is owned by the same small group of individuals? Yet you see information slowly making its way into CNN, ABC, FOX and the like, & websites owned by major media companies and we think that they don't want this information to get out??? Do you know how controlled all that stuff is??? If they don't want it out, it's not getting out. At least not at that scale.

So basically what's happening is this whole conspiracy thing has been engineered to function somewhat like a religion. Where they feed you certain facts (things that are true), but they twist the story around. Or they just tell you half the story. Or twisted facts. I mean a lot of the information is actually true. Only the facts though, not so much the story behind them or what is really going on “with” these facts, or the real reasons behind them. And if you notice most conspiracy theorists have pretty much the same beliefs and the same mentality (you're being programmed just like everyone else). Pay attention to that. I started realizing this when I ran across a couple of friends of mine who had gotten into all this. I realized we were pretty much going down the same track, learned about the same things, and ended up with the same views. You learn about HAARP, underground bases, aliens, chemtrails, the intervention theory, international bankers, the fed, AIDS, vaccines, shit they put in our food & water, the list goes on and on and on and on... Another thing you notice is, just like religious people, we tend to start thinking we're better than other people, and even if not so much “better” we tend to look down upon or feel somewhat hostile towards people because they won't “open their eyes” or they'll refuse to listen or to look into anything.

One huge giveaway (that it was all set up) was the whole 911 thing, which is what jump-started this whole “movement” or whatever you want to call it (don't join any “movements” btw, don't even get me started on that)...

Nobody thinks about why or how they could have been so stupid to leave so much evidence behind. They could pull off an operation of that scale perfectly, but they can't cover up their tracks? It was stupid. Understand that mind control has been at the top of their list ever since Egyptian times. By now they know how we work and how many categories of people there are (psychological categories), and what percentage of the population fits what category and all that.

What I'm trying to get at is the way they planted the evidence (and/or left the evidence behind) they knew that only the people close to it would pick up on it. And how (with THEIR assistance) the information would be then filtered out to the general public. AND they knew that initially a small percentage of people would pick up on it and run with it. Most people wouldn't. Little by little that starts growing and eventually (at least this was the plan) people would start a revolution.
They scare people into thinking that things are gonna get really bad. Like people are gonna be shot in front of our homes and dragged into concentration camps and all our privacy is being stripped away so that we react and want to do something about it (another thing is they know full well that not all people are going to revolt LOL! It wouldn't work that way. I mean they have their hardcore TV addicted zombies that are never gonna change)... Where was I...
Also note how more and more instances of police brutality are being deliberately shown to the public. They want to enrage people.
If you're smart enough you know that “fighting” the system will never work. The system will fall apart when everyone wakes up and does absolutely nothing. & they need resistance to bring about change. If they can't get people to revolt it's gonna be really hard to transition us into a new world order or a police state. Note also how many movies have been put out throughout time where there's an underground society, in many films it's actually called “the resistance”, who fights the system and wins. So picture (this is just hypothetical) a huge riot. & if you've researched what happened to president Chavez you know that more than likely it would be instigated by the CIA. CIA personnel are strategically placed (posing as civilians) in certain spots to do certain things (maybe they “accidentally” shoot an old lady during the riot or something). What happens after that? No more guns for the general public. Just like that.
Of course the plan is much bigger than that. Another huge “tool” they've been using is the FED. The monetary system as it exists really can't hold up much longer. We're not the only country who has a central bank lol! It's at the point where they have to introduce a new type of system. How to do that? Make it seem like “the people” did it. Give the people a politician (Ron Paul?) who speaks against this instead of having the system collapse by itself and have people WAKE THE FUCK UP and actually take matters into their own hands and do something about it, and support him and see what solutions he has to offer and back all his decisions up (just because you think he's a good guy). Problem/reaction/solution.
Always look at 2 sides of the coin. & always look further. Take that advice. I went years without wanting to listen to anything that went against what I thought I was uncovering. Again, most of the actual facts are true. And yes, some things are pretty fucked up. And there will be instances where people get arrested (& worse) for merely speaking against the government, but this is to hold up the belief that there's something really wrong going on here, and to get people angry. I can tell you that a lot of conspiracy theories have flaws. Big ones. And you should look into these flaws. I seriously dropped all my “conspiracy” research maybe a couple of years ago, but before then I researched a lot. So if you want to attempt to debunk this or you have a question as to why something is going on & how it fits in this whole thing we can get into it for a bit.

For now just remember that anyone going around “scaring” people is just playing into their game. Whether they know it or not. They have their players (like Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, and all the “known” conspiracy theorists), and they also have their puppets. The ones who are fed information without knowing that they're actually helping the agenda by feeding all these facts to the public. Anyone who advises people to fight are supporting their agenda (knowingly or unknowingly). Movements and movies that got a fuckload of attention (like 911 truth movement, zeitgeist, loose change, etc) are all part of the same agenda as well.
Dig deep and you'll find MANY things that will make you think. You'll find flaws left and right. There are A LOT of them... I mean once you start seeing what's going on you realize how much shit doesn't make sense and how much of it actually does, so you'll keep having realization after realization.

Also, fuck I just realized I skipped some stuff... I don't know how many of you have gotten into any of this type of stuff (& if you haven't after reading this section you'll probably think I'm full of shit now lmao!)...
Okay, the system is designed to keep you within a certain frequency range, because that's the frequency range that their systems have been designed to work with. So they can easily control you when you're within that range. Radiowaves, television, & HAARP (via elf waves) among other things, affect our frequencies. The news media gathers up the worst shit around the world and conveniently places it all in one spot, all in front of your face, and (being that TV was originally designed to keep you in a trance or hypnotic state) this helps keep you at that frequency. Being scared and/or worried keeps you trapped in a certain frequency range and keeps you trapped in this whole matrix that they have control of. So yet another purpose for this whole fear-mongering campaign to keep people afraid from the government & the illuminati, and the ruling families and so on and so forth, is to keep you vibrating at a certain frequency. And if you believe there was going to be a massive collective conscious awakening or whatever (I'm 100% sure I believe it or not), this would make it harder for that to happen as well. In my opinion there are things worth looking into, but there are so many lies out there. It's like they've manufactured a story for anything you try to get into, and since you don't know any better & nobody's ever talked to us about any of this shit we run with it. Remember something only has to be repeated 3 times for you to start believing it. Whether it's true or not.

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