Sunday, November 15, 2009

Delays, Delays, Delays!

As expected, the webmaster is having several different types of chaos interfering with life ("Everybody gets a turn!"), and the new-fangled expression of narrative and technical mastery will not be posted for at least a week to ten days. Even still, it will have to be posted in 2 or 3 installments, so look forward to a cliffhanger existence through December and into January.

Remember, though, that I am looking for this article's posting to be the thing that puts Bread n Circles on the Google Map, so for those of you who have grown weary of waiting and may have gone elsewhere, all I can say is stay close to your Facebook, your Twitter, and Yahoo!Answers. The Truth will be "Out There!"

On the interesting side, the promise of Roundtable-like commentary is being encouraged, as my webmaster has noted that the other contributors will hopefully provide sidebar commentary, or perhaps engage in a follow-up Roundtable, discussing the topic in the shadows of my article. So far, the working name of my article is "Wrax vs. Wrax, The Truth." However, while I was writing it, I described it several different ways, including "The Mosaic of Truth," and "The Ugly Truth."

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