Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hidden Easter Eggs at BreadnCircles

For those of you who missed the posting of the "Hermagoras Forgotten" essay and fear that it was removed entirely from Bread n Circles website archive, fear not. Although the essay's content was not well received by the editors, they happily posted it and debated its merits offline. Once the interviews resumed, the Hermagoras Forgotten posting was archived as the October 14th posting, and listed in the sidebar buttons by name. However, more recent postings have been remiss in connecting the links for those two buttons--specifically. However, if you go back to the Interview with BabySnoopyFan--the "Hermagoras Forgotten" on that page doesn't work either, but you can still find the essay by clicking on the "Oct.14" button. The need for this awkward path is likely the result of lacking thoroughness. In the event that it works, here is a link that should take you directly to the archived page containing the controversial essay.

The reason that I am bringing this article back into my reader's attention is that the Truth Blog which should be posted within the next couple of weeks is a vivid portrayal of the perspective displayed in that essay. So, read and enjoy Happy Hiram's Interview, and go back to reread the Hermagoras Forgotten essay when the Truth blog gets posted.


Update:  During the Summer of 2011, the Bread n Circles website was taken down.  For the story of the roundtable discussions and the fate of the website, please read The Behemoth Saga on its own page in this blog.  The "Hermagorus Forgotten" essay has also been preserved separately

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