Friday, November 6, 2009

My weary eyes are sagging as I rest my weary soul (sweating), closing the books that have been my only friends as I close my eyes, I carelessly let the pencil drop to the floor. The work is done, the rest is come. The TRUTH will be known, as the words will be shown.

For those of you with weaker sensibilities, the gruesome details will be a bit more shocking than in past articles, but I have done it! I have written short snippets of wisdom, reported historical research, quoted original texts (as is usually my habit anyway), and summarized complex theories. Yes, there was lots of looking up stuff in Wikipedia, Stanford Online Libraries,, and even physical books that I pulled out of my attic. There was also lots of creative energy being burned, interpretive dialogues and narrative arrangements. There are jokes of varying degrees of subtlety and obviousness as well.

"What is it that you are talking about?"

The latest blog article at Bread n Circles. I have been slaving over it for several weeks, shaping it and honing its text, to make it both something encyclopedic as well as something only I would have written. It should be posted sometime this weekend. Announcements will follow when it goes up!

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